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a close up of a green field

BrightFarms - Culpeper, VA

Mark Benoit, Head Grower at the BrightFarms Capitol greenhouse. "I’m proud to be a part of BrightFarms because all of our farmers grow with the same values and local commitment to sustainability that I do." 

Their farms are designed with hydroponic systems that allow for water re-circulation. Their hydroponic systems use a mineral-based nutrient solution to nourish our produce in a soil-less environment. That means that they use less water than conventional agriculture and there is no agricultural runoff.

BrightFarms is more than “locally grown”... it’s “grown for locals”.  Everything they do is to provide the freshest, cleanest, most responsibly grown produce to the people in our local community.  Because they believe everyone deserves access to fresh, local greens, that are always non-GMO and Pesticide Free.  Their farm in Culpeper, VA delivers greens to Gusto within 24 hours of harvest.  And because it’s grown nearby, it’s always more delicious.